Mobile Dog Grooming Sydney by Scrub-a-Dog will include the following services: Your dog will be washed and dried, nails clipped and given a hair trim if requested. Prices will depend on the size of the dog, coat, and condition.

 Why Choose Scrub-a-Dog?
  • Convenience – We come to your home in our Portable Dog Grooming Parlour so your dog is washed and groomed saving you valuable time & money.
  • A stress less environment for your dog – We come to your home we ensure that your dog is washed and groomed close to its own environment.
  • One on One attention: – We know and love dogs so we show appropriate care and kindness to your dog.
  • All dogs hand-dried: -Scrub-a-Dog does not dry our dogs in cages.
  • Highly Trained Groomers: All Scrub-a-Dog groomers are highly trained and are chosen for their attention to detail and their love of dogs.
  • Natural Products: – All Scrub-a-Dog products are natural and are carefully chosen.
All this means a more pleasant overall experience for you and your dog.

Much as you love your dog, dog grooming is a “ruff” job which someone has to do. At Scrub-a-Dog we

too love dogs, so dog grooming is our pleasure rather than a chore. We gladly shampoo, shape and trim

fur, clip nails, generally make your pet look it’s very best. At dog Scrub-a-Dog our pet groomers are great with animals and people, listening to your requests on how you want your dog to look, and keeping your dog calm and happy throughout the grooming session.

At Scrub-a-Dog we recognize that all dogs are different. Just like humans, they have different

temperaments, likes and dislikes and of course, your dog deserves grooming that is tailored to its size and breed. Scrub-a-Dog dog groomers are trained to handle almost any dog, large or small, placid or robust and give your dog the outcome you want with a minimum of fuss and bother. Your dog will emerge happy, smelling nice and looking great.